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The "Divrai Chaim" Synagogue was founded in the early sixties by a group of holocaust survivors from eastern Europe. Till today , the Gabbai of the shul is Mr. 
Mordechai (Max) Eigenstein , one of  the early denizens of Ramle.

The Synagogue walls
During the first years after it was founded , the shul was magnet for Jewish life, and prayers were held three times daily , many Torah lectures were held there as well. Over the years, and as the population grew more elderly , the number of worshippers dwindled , and the situation became one in which at every prayer they had to look for 
people to complete the quorum .

At the request of the Gabbai of the shul , 22 years ago a group of young men from Chabad of Lod, made their place of prayer there. And they are those who actually are keeping the quorum in the last years , and who are the living spirit activating the shul.

Today, Thank G-d , we've become a place where on Shabbat morning , the shul is full of worshippers , also at Kabbalat Shabbat and at the Mincha prayer , there is a large group of worshippers.

They are a heterogenous group comprised of Sfardim, Ashkenazim. Yemenites, and knitted Kippot wearers.

Some of them were never members of any other shul, and they've found their place here , and the "Divrai 
Chaim" shul is where they feel comfortable to pray.

Since the shul was founded, no money has been invested in its upkeek, with the result that it is very down-ridden. This last winter, rain came into the building, ruining its ceilings and giving the place a very unesthetic look.

The women's gallery was especially ruined, and it is very unpleasant to go there.
In general the shul is in a great state of disrepair, which prevents many more people 
from coming to pray in this shul.

The synagogue chairs today 

To enable the Shul to fulfill its purpose, renovationsmust be done urgently!

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